• May 21, 2013

    Vintage Glam: Crane’s Great Catsby Inspired Ads

    The White Crane is head over heels about the new Great Gatsby movie!  In honor of this fantastic film, we just have to share a glamourous blog post by Crane & Co. with you!  Enjoy!

    Vintage Glam: Crane’s Great Gatsby Inspired Ads:

    The Great Gatsby premiered this past weekend, and so in honor of all the glitz, glamour and oh-so fashionable wardrobes that came with it, we present our favorite vintage Crane & Co. ads from one of our favorite eras. We think Daisy and Jay would approve.

    We like to think this is the kind of note Daisy would have written to her cousin, Nick, enticing him to return to New York for an evening (or evenings) of Champagne and boisterous banter into the wee hours.

    In the 1920s, Earnest Calkins of the Calkins and Holden ad agency began to hire talented artists to create campaigns — a novel idea at the time — including illustrator Nat White, who from the 1940s-1960s created many of those artful campaigns for Crane.

    A finger wave hairdo. A string of pearls. A drop-waist dress. The star of this ad is Roaring Twenties fashion perfection.

    In a happy ending, Fitzgerald would have offered this scene. Wedding invitations by Crane and JGD couples’ stationery by Crane, of course.

    On a less raucous evening, we like to think this is the scene in West Egg. Men dressed in tails, women dressed in their most dazzling cloche.

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