• May 28, 2013

    Please & Thank You

    Graduation gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts, the gift list is endless.  If you are given a gift, it is so important to show your gratitude by sending a thank you note.  One quick note is all it takes to show your appreciation.  Are you in need of the perfect thank you notes?  From personalized monograms to fun kate Spade designs, The White Crane has a marvelous selection.

    If you’re feeling a bit confused about your Thank You Note etiquette, here are some great tips from Olivia Palmero’s blog:


    When to Send

    You should aim to mail your thank you note as soon as possible, preferably within a week’s time. If you’re sending out a large number of cards, such as after a wedding, up to three months is considered acceptable. But, should you delay, better late than never is the rule, here.

    Of course, knowing when you should send a thank you note is requisite. Plan to do so any time a present is received, even if it has been opened in front of the gift-giver; after attending a dinner party; when you’ve received a handwritten sympathy letter for the passing of a loved one; to guests of your wedding, bridal, or baby shower; when you’ve been hosted for an overnight stay; and, of course, as a follow-up to a job interview. It’s also great practice to send a handwritten thank you whenever friend has done you a special favor.

    How to Address

    Family members and close friends can be addressed by their first names in the salutation inside the card (“Dear John and Jane”) but should receive formal designation on the envelope (“Mr. and Mrs. John Doe” or “Mr. John Doe and Ms. Jane Jones”); for your sign-off, simply write your first name. For all others, it is most appropriate to also use courtesy titles in your letter (“Dear Mr. Businessman” or “Dear Ms. Family-Friend”), and to include your full name in your sign-off. And, you should avoid unnecessary abbreviations, especially on the envelope (“Doctor,” “Avenue,” “New York,” “And,” and the like, with “Mr.” and “Ms.” or “Mrs.” as the exception). When in doubt, always err on the side of caution.

    What to Write

    When writing, be sure to be specific in referencing the kindness of your addressee’s gesture; your note should convey genuine appreciation, and the inclusion of details will help you to best express that sentiment. In writing to offer thanks for a gift, you might make mention of how you expect it to be incredibly useful, or how you’ll think of the gift-giver each time you see it; to thank the hosts of a dinner party, you can emphasize how much you enjoyed a particular dish, or recall how interesting you found the conversation shared over the course of the evening. Do be personal. A thank you note is most successful when it’s warm and heartfelt.


    Well that’s the scoop on Thank You Notes!  Always remember, it’s better late than never.