• July 10, 2013

    Pamper Yourself!

    You will find many ways of pampering yourself with our fantabulous gifts here at The White Crane. Let us introduce you to a few.

    Are your hands dry? If so, our Night Care Gel Gloves will “help your hands look their best!” Simply wear them overnight and wake up to soft, smooth hands.


    Do you ever strain your eyes when using your tweezers? Do you wish that you could just have a little more light when using them? Our Pro Illuminating Tweezers by La-Tweez will solve all of these problems. Not only are they great tweezers, but they have a light in the middle to illuminate whatever you are focusing on.


    While you’re pampering your dry hands, don’t forget to pamper your feet as well. The beach is so soothing to our bodies, but when walking on the sand, our feet will automatically be rough and in need of some attention. Buy yourself a pair of gel socks for your feet! Just as you would use your gloves, sleep in them and wake up with smooth feet. The best part? They’re leopard print!


    Stop by The White Crane to pamper yourself today!