• July 16, 2013

    Lilly Agendas Have Arrived!


    It’s time it’s time, such an exciting time! Lilly Agendas have arrived at The White Crane. As we are nearing the end of summer, what could be a better way to start organizing than with a fresh agenda…a fresh Lilly agenda, that is! We have many prints and sizes to choose from. There is most defintiely a print and size agenda you will love. For a purse size, you would love the pocket agendas or the monthly planners! They are both smaller in size (pocket being smaller and fatter and monthly being wider and thinner). If you’re planning on carrying it around with your books or in your work bag, the large agenda is perfect for you! The Jumbo Agendas are perfect for the desk. Or if you’re feeling luxurious, try the new addition to the Lilly agenda collection, Lilly Luxe Agendas, which are featured  in two of our all time favorite prints, First Impression and Chin Chin.

    Take a sneak peak through the inside of the agendas with our photos below.

    LUXE Agenda:


    Jumbo Agenda:


    Large Agenda:


    Jumbo, Large, Monthly and Pocket:


    Visit our Website, Call us (706) 738-6359, or stop by today to pick out your Agenda. Happy Planning!