• February 14, 2013

    Five Uses For The Perfect Memo Board!

    Don’t you just love coming across those items that can be used for so many things?  Are you ever needing that perfect little memo board to jot down your to-do’s on?  The White Crane has just the thing and has already thought of five useful reasons you need this handy dandy item in your life.

    1. I’m magnetic! Magnet any paper reminders you may have to me!

    2. Use me as a menu! Everyone will be looking forward to knowing what’s for dinner.

    3. Is there an occasion today? Use me to to wish everyone a wonderful day!

    4. Use me to jot down your lists!

    5. Use me for your schedule or to-do list!

    See what a useful little board this is?  I’m sure there are many more uses available.  Being a dry erase board, this is something you won’t regret investing in.

    Happy Valentines Day from The White Crane!