• January 17, 2013

    Five Secrets To The Perfect Princess Party!

    At The White Crane, we take special interest in parties and entertaining! Currently on display in the store is the a birthday party table showcasing pink, green, and everything cute in between! Here are five must haves to creating the perfect princess party.

    1. A must have for the Perfect Princess Party is letting your guests know that they are in for a real royal treat by sending out princess invitations!

    2. Now it’s time for the decorating! Tie a touch of tulle to the back of the chairs to add in elegant bows!

    3. And what should the center piece be? Nothing other that a royal cake made of glitter and feathers!

    4. The royal party will eat of pink monogrammed plates.

    5. Lastly, the birthday queen shall always wear her crown!

    Let us, at the White Crane, help you host the perfect princess party!