• December 21, 2013

    Just For Santa

    We have an exciting deal to share at TWC! I guess you could refer to it as our “Just For Santa Set!”  For only $19, you will receive this adorable “cookies for Santa” plate, two decorative cookies from the fabulous 2 Mom’s Cookies bakery, a individual mini carton of milk (also supplied by 2 Moms), and a fun red and white striped straw for Santa’s milk!  See the set pictured below.  There is VERY limited supply of this set for Santa, so act fast and claim yours!  This special will go on through Christmas Eve, but the supply won’t last up until then.  Instead of having to worry about what to leave for Santa, what plate to put it on, what to give him to drink, make it easy on yourself by purchasing this fun set.  You can also rest assured that it is the CUTEST and TASTIEST treat Santa will have.